Character assasination

Went on day two of my Change Management course today, the highlight of which (yet again) was one of the role playing workshops we did. Picture the make believe scenario whereby your stranded in a desert with 6 other people after your plane crashes, you have 13 objects and you have to individually decide the order of priority BUT each of you has a hidden agenda and ‘resistance’ role (Cognitive, Psychological, Status or Ideological) to play.

Still with me? Well anyway, I basically had a psychological role to play which meant I had to convince the other group members that one of the objects (a loaded gun) was of prime importance and that I should maintain control of it, as unbeknown to them one of the others were trying to assasinate me! As you can no doubt imagine it was great fun *smile*

Mrs. DDWT and DDWT Junior returned home tonight but unfortunately for them they had stinking chesty colds. Don’t ask, I mean how could you get a cold in weather like this! Anyway, they’re off to the docs tomorrow to get it sorted.

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  1. How come you get to escape the daily grind and play “LOST”-inspired role-play games?! You’re doing something right Big D!

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