The dancing palate

Its been a weird old day today on the whole as although I felt as rough as a badgers bottom (not that I’ve ever felt one you understand) I decided to go out for a lunchtime bike ride with my duathlete work colleague.

We went for a 11 mile ride (roughly) down to Fortes Ice Cream cafe in Bracelet Bay and back – maintaining a pace of between 17-20mph in the process. Now this speed was just about my limit given my current biking setup (i.e mountain bike with off-road tyres) but the duathlete (complete with racing bike and slicks) found the pace a wee bit on the easy side!! It’s quite funny really as she commented on how I didn’t need a bell on my bike as the ‘whirring’ noise from my trend on the tarmac was enough to warn anyone in our vicinity of our presence.

As the afternoon wore on, the cold I’ve picked up from Mrs. DDWT and DDWT Junior really started to kick-in and I felt even worse than the badgers bottom I mentioned earlier. I think I’m in for a stinker to be honest and antibiotics might be required unfortunately. My appetite seems to have grown however and it’s nothing to do with the old saying of ‘feeding a cold’. So when I got home to be greeted by Mrs. DDWT’s home made shepards pie for my tea, well you can just imagine…. my palate started to dance.

I came across two beauties today whilst using Google (no not that sort) – I’m referring to Google Earth (satellite images from heaven) and Matt Cutt’s blog (one of the first 100 employees of Google and a Search Engine specialist). Both are well worth a visit, hence the plug here.