Free digital prints

As someone who loves a bargain I felt I just had to share this freebie I came across for 20 free digital prints from Snapfish (until 31st July). Snapfish enables digital camera owners to share, print and store their favorite photo memories at low prices. All you have to do to get your free prints is to register on the Snapfish website (for free) and enter the coupon code FREEPOST and not only will you receive 20 free prints, but you’ll also get free delivery as well!

The lurgi that the DDWT family has at the moment meant that I was off work today having come down with it myself. My voice is so husky I’m sure I could make a living out of doing erotic story telling for a £1 a minute telephone company or failing that I could do a stand in for Sean Connery (Yesh mish munny penni, yore a shite four shore eyes).

Now I don’t usually have a rant on my blog (unlike in day to day conversation!) but I’m going to have one now and it all came about after reading the Tesco magazine (as well as other magazines I hasten to add). What is all this fuss about parents trying to cope (with the kids getting bored) during the 6 week summer school holidays? There’s more for kids to do nowadays then there ever was before and yet the current generation always whinge that “there’s nothing for kids to do these days”. What a load of baloney! With the amount of clubs, classes, events, pools, leisure centres, parks, fields, etc, etc that are available how on earth can kids get bored. Kids need stimulating and that’s where the parents have to use a bit of imagination. What is society coming to?