4lbs down

I’m back blogging today after an ISP enforced absence yesterday, which is typical really as I actually had something specific to ramble on about – rather than my usual mutterings about nowt in particular.

Anyway, yesterday’s update was going to be about my trip to the Liberty Stadium to see the Swans one and only home pre-season friendly this year against the Wolves of Wolverhampton. Considering it was only supposed to be a friendly, the game was quite entertaining and rather niggly to say the least.

The game ended 1 apeice, but the Swans were far from overshadowed by their Championship opponents. It’s hard to say what sort of season the Swans are likely to have on yesterday’s showing, but they certainly looked hungry and sharp – Messrs Pratley and Knight in particular. I think it was also the first time EVER that I actually didn’t sing/shout/swear at a Swans game – which was purely down to my throat/chest infection and nothing else I can assure you!

Whilst I enjoyed the footy, Mrs. DDWT took full advantage of the NEXT summer sale with DDWT Junior fast asleep in his Maclaren (pushchair that is not Formula One car).

It is with great pleasure as well that I annouce the details of today’s weighing session – 16st 12lbs … WOOHOO … a whole 4lbs down on last week. I had to weigh twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things! I can only attribute the loss to what I’ve eaten (or haven’t as the case may be) as I certainly haven’t been training much this past week.