Snow patrol

No the weather hasn’t suddenly gone all artic here in Swansea, I’m referring to the band called Snow Patrol, whose album ‘Eyes Open’ I’ve been listening to non-stop over the last few days. I must confess to not having really taken much notice of them before, but the our local radio station ‘The Wave‘ have been playing their ‘You’re All I Have‘ track a lot lately and it’s just one of those tracks which keeps going round in your head! Their new single ‘Chasing Cars‘ is of the same ilk and will no doubt have the same effect.

I’m no music expert, so I couldn’t really comment on the type or brand of music they play – except to say that its catchy in a “ballady” (is that a word?) kind of way. Anyway, I think that’s enough of a plug don’t you!

Mrs. DDWT took DDWT Junior to Fendrod Lake today to feed the ducks and to relieve the monotany of being in the house watching Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer again and again, as DDWT Junior is more than happy to do most days! Whilst there Mrs. DDWT was able to take a snap or two of the large number of swans that inhabit the lake.

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  1. Hmm….checked out a few tracks on youTube. Quite varied – a sort of mixture between Coldplay, Del Amitri and Athlete with a bit more edge here and there. I can see why they would be picked out for the soapydramatrendybackgroundmusicbyacoolband type category.

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