USB cable woes

I’ve had the day from hell today with my newly acquired DCU-11 USB cable. I bought the cable in order to make full use of my Sony Ericsson K300i mobile which I bought a few weeks back, but unfortunately I seem to have developed a unhealthy habit of not getting these darn cables to work. Previous experiences involved a Nokia 1101 and Nokia 6310e.

Having delved further into the continous driver problems I encounter when try to install the darn ‘Plug and Let’s Not Play’ cable, I came across numerous other people who are having the same problem (with the same cable from the same company I bought mine from!). Still being the persistent kind of guy that I am I’m going to be relentless in my quest to find a solution! So watch this blog for further frustrations and tribulations on the matter.

One good thing that came out of today though is that my lawn laying is coming on great with another 3 hours spent ‘shifting grass’ (no not the type you smoke) this evening – so our garden is getting better (and bigger) by the evening!