Happiness is …

Getting your USB cable to work with your mobile phone. Yes it’s true after all my muttering and whinging yesterday I finally got the desired result today after trawling around cyberspace for several hours. So in an attempt to save someone else the frustration I endured, I’ll now try and explain how I managed to resolve the issue.

Firstly it’s mentioning that my cable is a SE DCU-11 USB data cable and for the benefit of Googlers (DCU-11 KQ-U8A ID: VID_6547&PID_0232). Upon trying to install the cable I was prompted for a driver file called ‘usb2vcom.sys’ which I didn’t have and not even the drivers from the Sony Ericsson site would work (Grrrrr). So after googling the cable details, I eventually came across a site/company called ‘Port Wireless’ who happened to have a driver file called ‘Drive01.zip’. Well believe it or not this driver actually worked first time. So my advice to you is try it the first time around not 20th time like I did (I lost count of how many USB drivers I tried to be honest!).

Another tip – in terms of managing your phones content – is NOT to use the crap software provided by Sony Ericsson, but to use something called ‘floAt’s Mobile Agent‘ instead – it rocks and worked first time *smile*

If only I could say I was happy about the outcome of my car MOT today. It failed and to add insult to (potential?) injury on a split windscreen wiper blade and one tyre tread. There were also several other ‘advisories’ (AKA licence for garage to print money) which would require some urgent attention – but not to pass the MOT of course. The more I think about it, the more commuting to work via my trusty mountain bike appeals to me.

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  1. Thanks, man I had a really hard time with my cable before finding your page. With this driver it worked like a charm.


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