Motor in need of repair

Oh dear, I finally got to find out today about the MOT advisories on my car. Not good as it involves the suspension and catalytic convertor and even worse is quoted as in excess of £1K to resolve!! Now with my motor being over 8 years old the cost of repair is almost half it’s value (according to ‘What Car‘). So I’m now in a dilemma whether to get it sorted and run it into the ground over time or do a part-ex and get out now. Somewhat bizarrely though, despite all of it’s apparent faults the car passed it’s MOT (2nd time around). Hmmmm.

On a far more positive note my Swans season ticket arrived today, so at least that cheered me up no end after having been to the garage. I’m really looking forward to the start of the season, which is next Saturday when the Robins of Cheltenham come to town.

Even better is that the DDWT family are off to Center Parcs in Longleat tomorrow for 3 days – so that’ll be a cracking laugh. I can’t wait to see how DDWT Junior enjoys the water dome and all the forest wildlife that is always out and about in any Center Parcs venue.