Malware madness

Well my blogging plans have truly hit the fan this week after my PC was plunged into the world of malware and the like. That’s what you get for searching for mp3’s and ending up on some dodgy Russian sites which are unrelated to mp3’s in anyway – thanks Google. I suppose the morale of the story is that I shouldn’t be so tight and should visit HMV instead *smile*

I’d planned on giving a blow by blow account of the DDWT family visit to Center Parcs Longleat, but hey that’ll have to wait for another day or at least until I get my PC sorted. Needless to say we have a smashing time and look forward to returning there in September for a 5 day break.

All of this computer hassle makes me wonder why the hell I don’t just tell Mr. Bill Gates to stick his Operating System where the sun don’t shine and indulge myself in a Linux OS (such as SUSE).