It's pink and very big

I’m talking about the Eisteddfod pavillion of course not the other thing, which those of you with an erotic disposition might have thought. Why is it pink, well quite simply it’s to do with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – which is one of the charities being supported by the Eisteddfod this year. It’s a great idea and I hope it catches on for next years Eisteddfod.

As part of my work I went along to the Eisteddfod site in Felindre today to check that our ‘interactive’ area was all set and ready to go for the week – unfortunately it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t – mind you nobody else at the Maes seemed ready either! Thankfully I managed to get hold of the technology supplier and arranged to meet him this evening to get it all sorted. I must admit that the site as a whole looked far more inspiring this evening than it did this morning and it really does look like it could be a very interesting week. If you get the chance pay the Eisteddfod a visit, there really is plenty to see and do – for all ages.

I’m looking forward to the footy tomorrow as the Swans kick off their League One campaign for 2006-2007 with a game against the Robins of Cheltenham at the Liberty Stadium. Here’s hoping for 3 points and a winning start to my first ever season as a season ticket holder (in 26 years of supporting the Swans).

4 thoughts on “It's pink and very big”

  1. I went with work on Saturday and it was a bit quiet compared to how it is at the end of the week when I normally visit. I’m going over again on Thursday and Saturday

    Thursday to see this American talk about his experiences of Lerning Welsh in the US using the BBC Learn Welsh site (Maes-D, 2:00pm ish)

    And on Saturday for the Blog-gwrdd (Blog meet for Welsh bloggers)

  2. I love the pinkness! I think it looks quite eye catching, ive heard this years eisteddfod has been the most successful in the past decade.

    can this be verified?

  3. Rhys – I read about the American guy on the Beeb website. Didn’t you help him along as well?

    Might try and go to the Blog-gwrdd it would be nice to meet some other Welsh bloggers

  4. Sixu – the local media seem to be saying that at the moment, but in all honesty we won’t really know if that’s the case until after the event has finished. It’s looking good though 🙂

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