Pretty uneventful day

Not much to blog about today as it’s been a pretty uneventful day. Unless of course you count shopping and visiting relatives eventful, not that either of those is boring or anything (for those family members reading this!). I mean I could bore you all rigid with my thoughts on the over priced ‘Thomas the Tank Engine‘ toys at Tesco’s (that every child plays merry hell with their parents to buy for them), but I won’t.

In fact I’d rather bleat on about how chuffed I am to say that I’m now 16st 12lbs (when standing stark bollock naked on our bathroom weighing scales). Only another 5 lbs or so and I’ll have reached my target weight – which I set myself all the way back on January 1st 2006. What makes my progress all the more suprising is that I’ve now down any training for over a week, I’ve simply kept tabs on what I’ve eaten. Now there’s progress for you.