Curry – Morrison’s style

I enjoyed a pleasant 11 mile bike ride lunchtime today and it felt great to be back on two wheels after what has seemed like an eternity since the last time. The only problem with the Swansea Bay route is that the nearer you get to Mumbles the more pedestrians you almost mow down (becuase they walk in the cycle lane without a care in the world). It’s worth the inconvenience though as the view – at this time of year in particular – are breathtaking. Contrary to popular belief I don’t stop off at Verdi’s for a dollop of ice cream either!

We tried our very first Morrison’s ready made curry meal for two tonight (Tikka masala and Chicken Korma) and I must say that it was very nice, although the pilau rice was in short supply. All in all though it knocked spots off the same meals from both Tesco’s and Asda’s. We’ll have to try a Sainsbury’s and Somerfield one now just to complete the comparison of course!

It was to our great amusement this evening (whilst munching our curry) that DDWT Junior started compiling his Christmas list from the new Argos catalogue today – with constant mumblings of “Take dat one home” – referring to practically everything of course.

Talking of Christmas, it’s hard to believe that some high street stores start selling Christmas stock the week after August Bank Holiday. It’s quite ridiculous really and winds me up something cronic. What a weird world we live in.