Sausage roll and chips

A decent 2-all draw for the Swans at the Irons of Scunthorpe tonight – but with Tatey being sent off and skipper Gary Monk stretchered off it was at a very high cost. Still with 10 men and after going 2-1 down to get a point shows that there is some spine to the team after all – which if you’d asked me on Saturday I’d have laughed in your face.

I remember going to Scunthorpe once (with Mrs DDWT) to watch the Swans on a cold, drizzly Tuesday evening in October and it was at the time of the Tony Petty era (ALL Swans fans will know exactly what I’m talking about). I remember it well for 3 reasons (a) the Swans battled for a 2-2 draw (b) the place was a right dump and (c) they sold the worst (and greasiest) sausage roll and chips I have ever had the misfortune to eat in my life!

On the other hand, it would be unfair not to mention the cracking pukka (by brand name) pies that were on offer at Spotland, home of Rochdale FC. Both the steak and kidney and mince pies (as sampled by myself and Mrs DDWT) were without doubt the best we have tasted in the football league to date and we’ve tasted a few believe me.

I took the above snaps on one of our 3 visits to Spotland to watch the Swans – since these were taken a new away stand has been built (thankfully!).