Let it rain

I must confess to being glad to see the rain come down here in Swansea today. It’s been a while since we had a good old downpour and it was badly needed to freshen up the greenery, which has a somewhat withered look about it after all the splendid sunshine we’ve had. It also means I don’t have to spend around 30 minutes watering the garden.

Regular readers will remember me mentioning a dancing hippo and dog a good while ago. Well I’ve finally tracked down the French creator of the ‘Pat and Stanley’ as they are known – Pierre Coffin – and his website has loads of different episodes from the hilarious duo.

I finished reading Terry Yorath’s autobiography “Hard Man, Hard Knocks” last night and found it to be an enjoyable read. Yorath was very frank and open about his life, which considering how tragic it’s been was commendable. The only complaint I’d have is that perhaps he could have gone into greater depth in some areas – especially his playing days and managing Wales. I suspect though that given his apparent no-nonsense approach, he wanted to tell his life story (to date) in a similar fashion and cut out the waffle.