Swansea explorer

Phew, just got back from a 19 mile lunchtime bike ride which took 1 hour 21 minutes at an average speed of 14.1 mph with a top speed (going downhill I hasten to add) of 33.7 mph!.

We went along Swansea Bay to Bracelet Bay up to Caswell, Langland, Murton, Fairwood Common, Killay, Derwen Fawr and then back along Swansea Bay again.

I’d never have imagined when I started out on this fitness lark that I’d be cycling that far in a lunchtime – I must be mad. I feel bloody great after doing it though.

Mrs DDWT and I sat down for watch ‘Guess Who‘ last night – the first flick we’ve watched in ages (mainly becuase DDWT Junior has gone to bed early for a change).

The film was billed as a comedy – along the lines of boy meets girl but dad doesn’t approve – but on the whole was short of laughs I’m afraid. Bernie Mac and Aston Kutcher were the main players with the latter making me question what the hell Demi Moore see’s in him (rather than me *smile*).

Anyone who know’s me well will know what I think of Demi Moore – Grrrrr foxy lady – and it’s ok Mrs DDWT knows about my thoughts on this subject too. Anyway, back to the film and well … well that’s about as much as I can say other than don’t bother wasting your time watching it.