Weights and measures

Given that Sunday is weighing day in the house of DDWT, it was even more interesting today as DDWT Junior joined me at weighing time to assess his progress. The little fella – at the tender age of almost 31 months – is now 2st 7lbs and stands 95 cm tall (3ft 1″). At this rate, I think he’s going to follow in my footsteps in terms of build! I was also pleased with my progress and am happy to report that I’m still 16st 12lbs.

It’s been a weekend of firsts really, what with us paying our first ever family visit to the Eisteddfod, DDWT Junior going on a bus ride for the very first time and today he went on his very first bike ride (with his Mam on the back of a mountain bike!). Bizarrely he loved it – as we were expecting him to be rather nervous and unwilling to give it a go. So it certainly came as a blessing as we tend to do a lot of cycling, especially when we go on holiday.

Mrs DDWT and I watched another movie last night – “Meet the Fockers” – which we chose in search of some light hearted Saturday evening entertainment. Well what a crock of sh*t it turned out to be. There were a few laughs and I mean a few, but given the prehistoric line-up of actors (Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro and Barbara Streisand) I guess I shouldn’t have been dumb enough to expect a bucketful of laughs. So my tip is to avoid watching it, at all costs.