My mood swings

I was fortunate enough today to be asked to write a 500 word article for the Western Mail about supporting Swansea City and the moods I experience after matches. Here is the article I penned – which hopefully will be printed in the paper later this week.

Being a fan of Swansea City adds another dimension to what is quite simply the rollercoaster ride called life. In almost 26 years of following the Swans I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt my moods during the football season swing like a pendulum. The poor start to the 2006-2007 campaign seems to indicate that this trend is likely to continue for some time yet!

Football is essentially a simple game, but it never ceases to amaze me the feelings that I go through week by week, game by game as the season unfolds. The disappointment of last season’s play-off defeat against Barnsley was heartbreaking and I, like many others were distraught and almost inconsolable – we were so near and yet so far. I remember thinking and even questioning myself as to whether or not we (as fans) could go through all that emotional turmoil again. The answer was quite simple – yes, we could. Why, well simply because we are addicted to and passionate about the affinity we have with our local team, an ambassador for and symbol of our ever developing City.

People say that time is a great healer and in terms of supporting your team it certainly is. Despite the heartache of the previous month, I bought my season ticket in early July in eager anticipation of the season ahead. As August 5th drew ever closer my enthusiasm and general optimism for the forthcoming campaign gathered momentum – almost like a child waiting for Christmas.

Any Swans game ensures the usual pre-match nerves, excitement and air of expectancy. The stage is set for another rousing start to the season and 3 points – “No problem, we’ll beat them easily” is the thought that flows through my mind. We lose – which wasn’t written into the script – and I walk away from the Liberty Stadium an angry, frustrated and grumpy man. In the space of 90 odd minutes my mood has plummeted.

As with most other things in life, your mood follows you home and this invariably means that the whole family gets embroiled in my Swans related mood swings – especially when we lose. I’d like to think that a poor result doesn’t affect my ‘approach’ to the rest of the weekend, but I’d probably be lying – just ask my wife!

With 3 games having already been played this season, it’s fair to say that I’m somewhat miffed, agitated and disheartened by our below par start – which usually means that my retort to any anti-Swans sentiment is both sharp and swift.

I remain ever the optimist though. We are after all only a few games into a 46 game season – it is a marathon and not a sprint. We have a good squad, money in the bank, a new stadium and most importantly are a long way from the dark old days of having to win on the last day of the season to stay in the football league. I know we’ll improve and with it so will my mood, they have to. Regardless of what happens, I, like the rest of the Jack Army will still keep the faith.

A shout goes out to JR for setting me up for this, which will hopefully result in other requests coming my way sometime soon *smile*

DDWT Junior went swimming again today, but unfortunately threw a major tantrum when it came to using his band new Floaties arm bands. Nevertheless he still enjoyed himself when he actually got into the water – even if Mrs DDWT felt like leaving the building by then! He really is a character though and constantly makes us laugh with his uniquely expressive way of communicating with us.