Kilvey crash

Today’s lunchtime bike ride so me and 3 others tackle Kilvey Hill once again, but this time via another track (that’s 3 different one’s to date!). The ride provided a perfect contrast to the flat out pace of the normal lunchtime ride and certainly got the lungs busting during the steep climbs.

Unfortunately for me, the steep descent downwards proved to be my downfall with a nasty fall about a 1/3 of the way down. It’s at times like this that I’m glad that I ALWAYS wear my helmet – otherwise I could have ended up in hospital. I’d bascially been coming down the stoney tracks and banks too quickly and got my front tyre caught in a rut – the next thing I can remember is flying over my handlebars head first and sliding about 5 feet to a shuddering and heaped up stop. Thankfully I managed to escape with only a load of cuts and bruises, oh and a bit of hurt pride I guess as everyone took the p*ss when I finally got to the bottom!