Wet but happy

Today’s lunchtime bike ride was a welcome return to the more mundane (yet safe) cycle track to Gowerton. The 13 odd mile jaunt was in the pouring rain and wind, so it was another tough ride but we still managed to average 15.3 mph during the 55 minute ride. At the moment my duathlete colleague is certainly pushing me and as we are both very competitive it makes for a great lunchtime challenge. Gawd help us on the 50 mile Bike challenge in October.

Talking of Gowerton did you know it’s the home of that excellent local artist Surreal Piglet? Check out some of his artwork, it’s excellent.

I’ve been fiddling about with RSS newsreaders today and still can’t make my mind up which I prefer. I’ve used both ‘Sage’ and live bookmarks within Firefox and both are really good, but I’m still on the lookout for a decent desktop tool. Anyone out there got any recommendations? I’ve been told about RSS Bandit (written on the .net framework) but not being a huge Microsoft fan kinda puts me off tbh.

Was proud as punch of my neice today who got 2 A’s, 1 B and 1 C in her ‘A’ level examination results – so she’s off to university to study art. Nice one girl!

It’s quite amazing how many hits I’m getting from google at the moment and they’re all to do with my previous blog post about the USB driver for my mobile phone USB cable. I’d love to know if anyone actually found the post useful – as nobody has left a comment. I guess that means no then!