Choirboys put Swans to the sword

Well I tested my slicks out on an 11 mile lunchtime ride today and I’m glad to report that all went well, very well in fact. Whilst there was probably only a 1 or 2 mph increase in my average speed, the loss of the treacle tyres I was using made all the difference when it came to climbing the hillier parts of the ride.

A disappointing 3-2 defeat (after extra-time) for the Swans against the Choirboys of Wycombe tonight in the 1st round of the league cup. Oh well, at least we can concentrate on the league – yes I know it’s a well known cliche, but it’s bloody true in my opinion.

My Dad who went to the game said that the Swans were a shambles (again) but credit to them for battling back from 2 goals down. Interestingly, he said that things improved when Bayo came on for the ever increasingly lazy and lacklustre McLoed.

I’m personally beginning to wonder if Kenny Jackett should revert back to Trundle and Bayo up-front as we did at the start of last season – as the Trundle & Fallon partnership doesn’t seem to work. Then again, what do I know – I used to play rugby not football!