Bear with a sore head

I still feel grumpy, like a “bear with a sore head” as Mrs DDWT would say – so you’ve been warned. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s sleep deprivation or the impending end of summer making me feel this way or maybe it’s just blokes ‘time of the month’ – is there such a thing?

Not event a 10 mile odd spin on the bike lunchtime could raise my spirits above the height of a door knob. I didn’t even enjoy it in all honesty, the very strong wind in my face put paid to that. Although I was mightily impressed with my 28.7mph sprint finish at the end *smile*

I’m off down the Liberty tomorrow night to see the Swans take on the Glovers of Yeovil – so gawd help them if I’m still in this mood. In fact steer clear of the DDWT house if the Swans lose as I’m unlikely to be in the best of hwyls.