Swans v Glovers

An entertaining game even though it was really another disappointing result (a 1-1 draw).

I suppose I took heart from the fact that it was another improved performance and we’re probably only a few games away from finally ‘clicking’ and when we do I reckon someone’s going to cop a hiding.

The Glovers of Yeovil were very disappointing (compared to previous Yeovil teams I’d seen) and I felt that they came to the Liberty looking for a draw.

If only they’d shown the same enthusiasm and determination as one of their fans who had a big drum with him (and whom constantly co-ordinated the Glovers chanting!).

I only hope that Kenny Jackett gives Bayo a chance to start a game soon (preferably with Trundle) as Bayo’s the only striker who has seemed to make an impact in any of the games I’ve seen to date.

With regards to Trundle, he’s getting increasingly frustrating to watch as he appears to be getting lazier by the week – he obviously doesn’t understand the footballing terms of ‘tracking back’ and ‘closing down’.

With regards to the game, you can see a full report on the Swans website.

Am looking forward to a lovely 2 week holiday as of today – my first proper break of 2006 – just a shame the Swans couldn’t have given it a better start.

Nevermind, at least I finally got to sample a ‘Magners’ Irish cider, which everyone seems to be talking about at the mo.

Thanks to Surreal Piglet for the drink (all £3.15 of it from Yates pub in Swansea) and to Wendy “The juicy Pear” for the opportunity (as it was her leaving do – good luck Wendy!).

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  1. Ahhh…the slippery slope of Ciderspace…! Following this little excursion of taste, which was a disappointing mixture of ’17 varieties of apples’ I succumbed to an offer on Scrumpy Jack in Somerfield and, once fridged up to the correct frostiness, slipped down a treat. Better taste, better aftertaste, made in Herfordshire and softens the world in case you fall over, which you could well do!

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