Thomas and cranky

After the events and food laden epidose of the previous day, it was no suprise to see me gain a 1lb this week and take me back up to 16st 11lbs. So I’ve still got another 4lbs to lose before reaching my target weight.

Being officially two big softies at heart, Mrs DDWT and I had promised DDWT Junior a special treat as he’d been such a good boy at the wedding. No this suprise was supposed to be a “dinowar” – a dinosaur for those not into DDWT Junior speak. However, our search for a “dinowar” which satisfied DDWT Junior’s impeccable and headstrong taste was nowhere to be seen – so we ended up with a Thomas and Cranky train set from Woolworths!!! Anyway, he loves it to bits which is the main thing – so we all went home happy.

Talking of cranky, my PC is acting a bit like that at the moment and I am seriously considering changing it from Windows XP (SP2) to something like the Debian based (and rather funky looking) ‘Ubuntu‘. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I won’t experience the same poor performance that I’m getting now from the Windows OS, so watch this space.