Final preparation

I’ve spent most of today preparing the garden for the delivery of 77 square metres of turf tomorrow (which I bought online as well!!!). Having dug, raked and cleared all of the ground of stones, weeds and pretty much anything else my back was ready to pack-in totally come 5pm!

Thankfully a warm soothing bath (complete with Radox bath soak) has loosened up my whole body, as otherwise I wouldn’t be laying any lawn tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll ask Mrs. DDWT for a massage later, it usually does the trick *smile*

Here’s a top tip to any gardeners reading this (possible, but highly unlikely) – don’t waste your money buying compost, get down to your local civic amenity site (the one’s here in Swansea are excellent) and help yourself to a few bags – without paying a penny. The other alternative of course is to buy your own ‘decomposter’ unit.