Tally ho

The Mrs and I watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl‘ tonight – yes I know it’s been out for ages – and bloody good it was too me hearties! I’m not usually a fan of Johnny Depp, but he was a class act in this movie (in his own kooky kind a way) and no doubt fans of Kiera Knightly would be frothing at the mouth as well (Grrrrr). Am contemplating a visit to the cinema/dvd shop to see the 2nd installment.

As this week seems to have perpetually involved doing ‘odd jobs’ I decided to do some more today and make the most of the cracking weather and my time off. So it was time to give the roof troughing a good clean (filling 2 buckets full of moss in the process) and tidy up the driveway by removing the over zealous bushes and weeds that had enroached it during the summer.

Not content with doing all this and having taken DDWT Junior to his cousins for the evening, I then decided to pay my Mam and Dad a visit to help them trim (in a major kind of way) a very overgrown fir tree.

There is something strangely addictive about doing ‘jobs’ around the house. I simply put it down to the immense satisfaction I get on looking back on a job well done whilst sipping away at a cup of kenco’s finest.