Not far enough

After the weekend I’ve just had enjoying myself, it was time to get back to business today. Upon getting to work I found out that my training partner had done a 40 mile ride yesterday – this made me even more determined to get my backside into gear.

So my lunchtime ride today took me to Gowerton and back, which is about a 14 mile ride. It was a good ride and I felt a lot happier than I did after last Thursday’s little jaunt. Pyschologically however, I’d been dealt a blow in knowing that my companion for Sunday’s BikeWales race had done such a long ride (whereas I hadn’t).

The official photos from the Belfast dinner also surfaced today and unfortunately, the nearest we got to being in them was being in the background of some of them! Anyway, for those interested you can see then here on Harrison’s photography site (the official photographer).