Bemused in Betws

A most bizarre day having spent some 2 hours (over lunch) driving around the BikeWales West Silver route and getting lost on Betws mountain. Our intention was to get a mental picture of the 52 mile course – instead all we got was lost and frustrated at the baffling (and mis-leading) route plan (as provided by the race organisers).

In fact – and I’m embaressed to say this – we only got half way around the route before we had to come back for work (or risk a ‘core time violation’). So if it takes us that long in a BMW Compact 318 then gawd help me on my trusty old Specialized HardRock mountain bike on Sunday.

As I love my food so much (despite my weight watching tendancies), Mrs DDWT made a cracking homemade beef curry tonight. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a beef curry (I’m usually a korma or tikka masala man) – it must be years.

Off to bed early tonight in preparation for Sunday, as the way I feel at the moment I need all the rest I can get. Especially having now seen the monumental 5 mile climb up Betws mountain that awaits me on Sunday morning!

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