Final preparation

Well today was our final bike ride prior to Sunday, so a gentle 10 and a half mile run down to Forte’s ice cream parlour and back was our final bit of preparation. We’ve averaged 14.2 mph, so it was a steady pace but even more importantly it had the desired effect in that our our legs felt ‘loose’ and supple.

My box of High Five bars and energy drink duly arrived from Wiggle, so I’ve even got the nutritional aspect of the 52 mile ride covered – hopefully. It’s been quite noticeable (not just from writing my blog) how much emphasis I have placed on Sunday’s bike ride during the last few weeks, perhaps overly so.

Anyway I have my objectives in mind – (a) to finish the race (b) to do it in under 4 hours and (c) to try and be within 10 minutes of my training partner (who is a more experienced road racer than I). We’re both very competitive, so it’ll no doubt make for an interesting morning.