My next challenge

I was pleasantly suprised this morning when I get out of bed to realise, that despite my worst fears, I wasn’t walking like John Wayne or feeling as though I’d been trodded on by a herd of cattle. In fact the only ailment I had was a sore throat!

Mentally it was a different case. After the euphoria of completing yesterday’s bike ride, it was back to earth with a bump today due to the fact that I had no new biking objective on the horizon to focus upon. So having taken a day off from the bike today, I decided to set myself (and the others) a new challenge – by designing a 61 mile ride on December 17th!!

The idea is very much in its infancy, but the response from the others was lukewarm enough for me to press ahead with giving it more thought and hopefully making it a firm date in the training calendar. So watch this space!