Christmas shopping

Yes I know you might think it’s a bit early to be thinking about shopping for Chrimbo, but believe it or not we’re only 80 days away from Christmas Day. Those of you with children will know exactly what I mean when I say it’s a manic time of the year – especially when you have 3 birthdays (yes I did say 3) to consider as well, as I have.

So when I here that Woolworth’s are having a 10% off all toys weekend (online ONLY and running from today until Monday – just quote code ‘E15T10’), it kickstarts our Christmas shopping list for DDWT Junior – especially as I love a bargain.

Talking of bargains, HMV are also running with a 70% sale at the moment – and I’ve already picked up a few DVD’s as Chrimbo pressies for my friends (who are MASSIVE Scrubs fans – I don’t get it myself, but there’s no accouting for some people’s tastes eh!).

In fact, being the kind soul that I am, any other sales, offers or discount codes I find between now and the big day I’ll put on the blog and help everyone save a few pennies.

Talking of pennies, it’s one of DDWT Junior’s newest words, along with “I like it” and “I need it”. No doubt the “I want it” won’t be that far away!! It’s all great fun though and we love every minute of it.

I opted to give the bike ride a miss today given the monsoon conditions and consoled myself by surfing the net during my lunchtime break – looking into the world of WordPress (and boy was I impressed!).

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