Swans v Rovers

I took Mrs DDWT to watch the Swans v Rovers of Tranmere game tonight, which was all the more significant as it was her first visit to the Liberty stadium and the first Swans game she’s seen in almost 3 years.

Aprt from a the disappointing scoreline (0-0) the atmosphere/banter in the West ‘Prawn Sandwich’ stand was nowhere near as good as the East ‘North Bank’ stand – which is my usual destination.

I’ll let you read the match report from the Swans official website, but there isn’t really much to say about the game itself. The referee was overly fussy – which is quickly starting to become the norm – and he seemed to let some blatant time-wasting (by the Rovers keeper especially) go on un-punished (well until the 92nd minute anyway). Darren Waaaaaaay and Andy Robinson were both guilty of missing an empty net from 3 yards out. It was also the first time that I have EVER seen Leon Britton show any form of dissent – towards the Swans dugout upon his substitution (which was baffling to be quite honest).

But even after such a disappointing result, we still find ourselves in 10th position in the table and just 4 points off 2nd spot. Bizarre but I guess that’s football. Mrs. DDWT seemed to enjoy anyway and is already looking forward to her next visit – I can only say that it must be the company that’s the attraction, as it can’t have been the footy *smile*

The gang from work and I went to La Brasserie on Wind Street lunchtime for a leaving do. I am still amazed why everyone raves on about the place so much. It’s a Spanish restaurant with a very mediterranean look and feel to the place. The set lunchtime menu for £8.99 offered a two-course meal and I opted for the stuffed mushrooms as my starter and 7oz sirloin steak and chips for main course. Whilst the food was ok (but nothing special) it is the somewhat ‘in your face’ service that I find irritating. It must be the overly amourous attention the females get that makes the place a popular suggestion (with the girlies) for any work’s lunch!