Banana medicine

I hit the road at lunchtime again today, but this time by foot. It was the first time I’ve been running since the July 13th and as you’d expect I could tell from the way I felt afterwards that it had been a while! Anyway, the 20 minute run around Swansea Marina – including the Trafalgar Birdge and Sainsburys was a nice change and hopefully will now feature more in my lunchtime training sessions.

DDWT Junior had to go to the doctors today as he’s got a really barking cough. As is the norm nowadays he was given Amoxicillin – or banana medicine as we refer to it at home (which ultimately means he takes it without a fuss!). With Mrs DDWT showing the symptoms, no doubt it’ll only be a matter of time before I get it.

So just to cheer the troops up at home I bought some flowers for Mrs DDWT and some halloween related bits and bobs for DDWT Junior (these being a pumpkin candle, glow bar and glow in the dark finger scary monsters). They were both chuffed to bits, which in turn obviously made me happy.

Sometimes in this life of ours it’s the small tokens that show people just how you feel and most importantly that you’re thinking of them. I’m a real softy when it comes to things like that *smile*