Male model?

Do you ever get one of those days when you instinctively know that you’ve got out of bed the wrong side and you could fight with your shadow? Well I’m afraid I’ve just had one of them. You can call it sleep deprivation or whatever, but it really sucks the big one as literally everything about the day seems to go pear shaped.

From brushing my teeth (and getting toothpaste on my tie) to dropping everything bar my trousers. Even work or rather the noddy emails I was getting were of the ‘Gawd what is wrong with you people’ type.

Hopes of my lunchtime bike ride improving my mood also went down the pan – my lethargic attempt to keep up with my companion over the 20 mile ride (County Hall – Gowerton – Dunvant – Forte’s route) made sure of that. Afterwards it just made me realise how tired I was and the importance of getting a good nights sleep!

On a far brighter note, I was asked this afternoon is I would like to be a model at the Lady Mayoress of the City and County of Swansea Fashion Extravaganza on November 14th at the Liberty Stadium.

I was very flattered and immediately said yes! It’s quite ironic really as Mrs DDWT was in attendance at last year’s event – so it’ll be of even more interest this year now. I don’t know what I’ll be modelling yet, but as long as it’s not swimwear or underwear I’ll be happy!

So if you fancy a laugh (at my expense) but at the same time helping charity – give the ticketline a call on 01792 637554 and quote DDWT’s blog whilst your at it, you might even get a discount *smile*

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