Pleasure in my performance

As Thursday is always our ‘hard’ bike training session day I knew that I’d have my work cut-out even before I realised how strong the wind was outside!

Thankfully I was prepared and had my high 5 bars and energy drink ready for the 22 mile ride around Swansea Bay, Bracelet Bay, Caswell, Langland, Murton, Fairwood Common, Killay, Derwen Fawr and SA1 (just for the sheer hell of it!). Well actually the SA1 bit was in order to measure our running course accurately – although in retrospect this was a bad move as the wide open spaces made us an even easier target for the gale force winds.

I did however take great pleasure in my performance, which I personally felt was the best to date (for a Thursday ride) and managed pretty much to keep my training companion in my sights for the vast majority of the course – unlike previous sessions.

So I’m getting there slowly and I really do wonder how much difference a proper road bike would make, as opposed to my mountain bike with slicks on!

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