Behind enemy lines

Being a Swansea City fan, today’s shopping expedition behind enemy lines to Bluebird Country (i.e Cardiff) was fraught with danger *wink*

Joking aside, the house of DDWT were having a Christmas reconnaisance mission and I always love going to Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff just to spend lots of time and money checking out the latest stuff at Marks and Spencer – especially the menswear and food hall.

After spending nearly 2 hours plus there – and having stocked up on mince pies – we popped across to McDonalds for DDWT Junior to have a ‘Happy Meal’ as a treat. In fairness to Macca D’s (and despite the unhealthy nature of it’s servings) the £1.99 price tag is excellent value, especially when you consider you get fries, chicken nuggets and usually a quality toy as well (a ‘hot wheels’ car in this instance).

On the way home we decided to pop into the McArthur Glen designer village in Bridgend -after giving Mrs. DDWT and DDWT Junior a guide to the Brewery Field, where I used to play rugby for Bridgend many moons ago.

Somehow despite numerous visits to the outlet village we never ever seem to get any major bargains and always find the place somewhat overrated. Perhaps that’s just because I’m a fussy sod!

Anway, we decided that as time was getting on that we’d treat ourseleves to a Pizza Hut for tea and opted to try the new ‘Cheesy Bites’ pizza. It was a major disappointment. It was far too cheesy (which the name suggests in fairness) but such a variety of cheeses were used, it left a weird taste in the mouth. So we were sorry afterwards that we didn’t go for our usual ‘Stuffed crust’ variety.

I also took the unusual (or maybe not?) step today of booking my haircut appoinments for the next 3 months or so. I mean I want to look a million dollars at the Christmas parties, fashion show, awards dinner, etc don’t I *smile*