Close shave

It’s been a somewhat iffy day out on the road today, having experienced two very close shaves whilst driving my car (to and from work) or to be more precise with people almost crashing into my car.

The first instance – on the filter lane by the Liberty Stadium – was with Mr. White van man whom was obviously more interested in the conversation on his mobile phone than me being on the inside lane. Thankfully the horn on my Toyota Corolla is of the rather loud variety and combined with the “Look where you are f*%king going” gesture with my hands, ensured that I didn’t require any body work to my motor beloved (but ageing) motor.

Tangle number two – whilst crossing White Rock bridge over the river Tawe – was with a lovely yellow Nissan Modus (you know the one, “Test drive a Nissan Modus for your free Ice Age 2 DVD”). The blissfully happy occupants (all 3 of them) were obviously in cloud cuckoo land when I began to overtake them and once again my trusty old horn came to the rescue.

I’m just glad I didn’t go out on my bike today – as the omens weren’t good!

The house of DDWT went to a Halloween disco tonight in the local village all – with DDWT Junior decked out in his ‘spider’ outfit. The place was chock-a-block by the time we got there and it was somewhat daunting for all of the younger kids that were present. Anyway, the hour or so we were there we quite enjoyable – at least from DDWT Junior’s perspective, even if he was a little bemused by all the witches and skeletons present!