Strawberry surprise

One word sums up how I felt today – guilty. Not becuase I’ve done anything wrong, but because it was the 3rd day in succession which I haven’t done any training, which for me (in my new persona) is almost criminal.

There’s no excuse really, I’m just being lazy. The weather was great, sunny and mild and not a breath of wind. In fact it’s so mild at the moment that a visit to Nana DDWT’s meant seeing some strawberries in her garden – yes hard to believe I know but true.

No doubt seeing 16st 8lbs on the scales this morning – the lowest I’ve been all year – also contributed to my laziness. Anyway, I’ll be back on the road tomorrow that’s for sure as when I’m not training it sure as hell makes my grumpy – just ask DDWT Junior and the Mrs.

Looking on the bright side though, I did manage to get some long overdue jobs done around the house (like fixing some cupboard draws and tidying the garage) and also found some unwanted items to put on Ebay (and no they weren’t junk).