Strategic vision

I attended a course today on ‘strategic vision’ or in simpler terms – how to think strategically. I left afterwards realising why I personally much prefer to actually ‘do stuff’ as opposed to thinking about ‘what we could do’.

Sessions such as these aren’t helped either when the tutor gets you to close your eyes and shake your arms for 5 minutes – in an attempt to relx the mind. The idea (if you pardon the pun) is that you are more creative when you are relaxed, which I’ve no doubt is certainly the case. But I honestly did feel like I was with a shrink when the tutor started to describe what life would be like in 2020!

The fact that we only had a 30 minute lunch – thus not enough time for me to go training – didn’t exactly endear me to the tutor either. Selfish I know and before anyone pipes up abou the rest of the day, I simply couldn’t fit it in then either. So today makes it FOUR days without a training session and I’m seriously getting narked about it!

In fairness to Mrs DDWT she went to aerobics this evening and is very much enjoying her fitness renaissance at the moment – long may it continue. Whilst the Mrs was stepping and sweating DDWT Junior and I enjoyed watching ‘Dinosaur‘ for the umpteenth time (it is a good kids movie though).