Tricks and treats

I finally managed to do some training today – a 14 mile ride down to Forte’s Ice cream parlour and back around SA1. The wind made it a hard workout, but I was just glad to be out and about after the past few days of inactivity.

Considering it’s Halloween, we’ve had a very quiet night thus far – not that I’m complaining of course. But every Halloween I can’t help but remember one very eventful evening I had as a student in Pontypridd – thanks mainly to my housemates at the time.

We (5 of us) were sharing a house not too far from a pub called ‘The Forest’ (no doubt ex-Ponty students will have fond memories of the place) and rather than be on the receiving end of trick-or-treaters, it was decided that we’d go on the offense instead. So when some local kids called round in true trick-or-treat style, they promptly got covered with flour (from an upstairs window) – much to our amusement at the time.

However, 15 or so minutes later we quickly realised it was a big mistake, as our house was quite literally surrounded by some 30+ kids from the nearby area! It was like the alamo with eggs, stones, flour, fireworks and all other manner of objects being hurled at the windows and doors of the house. This bombardment continued for a couple of hours – well at least until they’d become bored of making 5 students prisoners in their own home! It’s funny looking back on it now, but it sure as hell wasn’t funny at the time.

With DDWT Junior only being 33 months old, he’s a little bit bemused with all of this Halloween stuff and spent his day making ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ cakes with Mrs DDWT. He did enjoy watching his pumpkin candle burn brightly whilst we had supper though, but comments such as “birfday cake” and “bow em out Daddy” kind of put it in perspective.

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