Sarah Jessica Parker and condoms

A bizarre title you’ll no doubt agree and you’re no doubt wondering what the connection is, well perhaps I should let the good people at Boots explain all?

There I was browsing the Boots website – whilst taking advantage of their triple points bonanza – when I came across a rather bizarre listing from a search result I did for ‘durex’, which are condoms for those not in the know. I’m a great advocate of family planning you see *wink*

If you bothered to click on the screenshot above you’d have noticed that the ‘lovely’ (pun intended) Sarah Jessica Parker eau de parfum is listed amongst the ‘inspiral’, ‘sensitive’ and ‘multi-ribbed’ assortment of condoms.

The fun doesn’t stop there though – if you use the following link: you’ll now see that Mrs Parker’s product is listed along with ‘KY Jelly’ and some ‘Mates Extra Pleasure 3s’ condoms. With that sort of combination, there’s no doubt that it would be very pleasurable experience!

Anyway, I think I’m on a slippery slope with that area so I’ll get back to the more mundane topic of my daily training – again. It was the turn of the bike today, so I opted for a change of scenery and headed off to Briton Ferry (along cycle route 4) – which is quite a change of scenery from Mumbles for those of you that know the area. The route itself was about 10 miles or so, but I wouldn’t recommend it really as the bike path is littered with glass. Thankfully I escaped getting a puncture, but I think that was more down to luck than judgement.