Swans v Cherries

I’m glad to report that the fireworks started early this year with the Swans showing some sparkling form with a 4-2 win against the Cherries of Bournemouth tonight.

Ok, maybe I took the fireworks link a wee bit far in calling it ‘sparkling form’ but it was another improved performance and the first time the Swans had scored 4 goals ANYWHERE this season (to date). If it wasn’t for the what is now all too common defensive lapse – we were coasting 3-nil with 15 minutes to go – it would have been a very good display.

Notable contributions from Tom Williams and Leon Britton once again and it’s good to see that LT10 has got his appettite back again as well (I’m not referring to food either). You can see a full match report on the official Swans site.

Today’s lunchtime exercise was a little bit weird to say the least with the addition of some ‘power strength exercises’ prior to a 4 mile odd beach run. These exercises mainly consisted of press-up variations (front, back and side) with some abdominal crunches. Anyway, the run itself took just under 36 minutes, which I was pleased with as I’d been concentrating on 3 mile runs of late. Next week I hope to return to a more normal pattern of training with my usual training partner!

DDWT Junior is proving to be quite a little character these days with some out of the blue and random comments, such as “Oh my goodness”, “I like it” and “It’s bewteeful”. I never new what it was like to have a parrott in the house, but I can just begin to imagine if out little fella is anything to go by.

I’m sure you’ll remember my post yesterday about Sarah Jessica Parker and Condoms? Well I decided to pass my findings onto those lovely people down at ‘The Register’ (best known IT rag online) – lo and behold they published it today! You can read the full article via this link– with credit given to moi as well.