Back in tandem

The return of my training partner today added fresh impetus to my lunchtime training session – purely due to the fact that we are both such competitive so-and-so’s.

So today’s ride took us around SA1 and down to Forte’s (again) for what is fast becoming THE Monday lunchtime ride. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing really, as sometimes a change in route is often a booster in itself – time will tell though. The details (for the benefit of our training logs) were 13.72 miles at an average of 14.3 mph in about 57 minutes.

DDWT Junior made a visit to Neath today with Mrs DDWT and his Nana. He certainly used the time to good effect by getting plenty of “I like it” statements in during his visit to Woolworths and Wilkinsons.

I don’t know what it is at the moment, but most Monday’s I seem to leave work with an almighty headache, which I often feel is bordering on a migraine. Not sure if it’s the burden of work or the hangover (non-alcohol related) from having relaxed so much on the weekend. Perhaps I should start believing in my mantra that at the end of every Monday – it’s almost the weekend.

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