Newport development

A colleague and I went along to an ‘Excellence Wales‘ event in Newport today, which was looking at the success of it’s Council call centre. I couldn’t help but feel both during and after the event that what I saw wasn’t ground breaking (are they ever?) it was merely a case of everything being in place at the right time (finance, political backing, ICT infrastructure, etc). Something which I’m afraid in my case isn’t currently the case.

Whilst on the subject of Newport, I was amazed at the amount of development work being undertaken in the City. I can only assume it must be part of the massive investment being made in order to support the Ryder Cup in 2008.

On the way back home we made a de-tour to M&S for a little bit of Christmas shopping and I picked up a few bits and bobs for DDWT Junior whilst there. I’m more determined that ever this year to have all the shopping done well before Christmas day and as a result, enjoy the festive build-up all the more.

Mrs. DDWT was supposed to go to ‘boxercise’ tonight – but unfortunately she didn’t make it as she’s complaining of feeling sick and dizzy. I really hope she isn’t coming down with an illness as she’s only just getting back into the groove of doing some exercise.