No gas in the tank

After another rough night Mrs DDWT went along to the docs first thing this morning. The doctor took one look at her and declared that she had tonsillitis. I swollen glands were obviously a big giveaway! A prescription for penicillin soon followed.

It was the first time the she had ever had tonsillitus and in fairness it’s the last time she’d want it as well. Fortunately for me, I’d had my tonsils removed when I was a young kid. Having said that I do have a sore throat and would be very surprised if I didn’t catch something – having missed out on the last round of colds in the house of DDWT.

Despite feeling somewhat lethargic (and having done so for most of the week) Thursday is ALWAYS long lunchtime bike ride day and once again we set off at noon for a 22 mile ride around Swansea and the Gower (well part of it!). It quickly became apparent that I was struggling and by the time we reached Pennard I was on the verge of chucking the towel in – such was my state of tiredness.

Foolishly I persevered with the ride and fell so far back that I ended up finishing the route on my own – a first in all of the weeks that we’ve been doing it. I was quite literally out on my feet and spent the rest of the afternoon a shivering wreck in the corner of the office. My immune system felt very low and I seem destined to catch a cold at least. As usual my timing is impeccable with a busy week ahead next week (fashion show and awards dinner).