Keep on running

Despite feeling as rough as the preverbial badgers bottom, I went out for a run lunchtime in the hope that it would make me feel better and ultimately sweat out some of viral gunk in my body.

It sounds really daft, but I found the run very comfortable and arguably the best I’ve felt in all the recent runs we’ve done. The 3 mile run took us 23 minutes 5 seconds, so the pace was at the usual rate – so I’m at a loss to describe how I managed it despite feeling so sh*t. I guess there inlies the power of the mind. As my mindset between yesterday and today were poles apart and I guess it showed.

JR and I went along to JT Morgan’s later in the afternoon in order to be ‘suited and booted’ for the Lord Mayors Fashion Show on Tuesday. We were being kitted out in Austin Reed suits for the occasion, although much to my amazement and disappointment – my rigout was very much a botch job due to the lack of suits in my size.

I mean, who’d have thought that a combination of 46″ long (jacket), 38″ waist 33″ leg (trouser) and 18″ Long shirt would be a problem – don’t even get me started on size 12 wide fit shoes! We got there in the end, well some 1 hour 30 minutes later – but the plain navy blue suit with plain lilac shirt and dog-tooth lilac tie booted with some ‘Base’ pointed shoes didn’t exactly make me feel like model material.

Upon closer inspection of the clothes and in particular the quality I certainly would spend the ¬£200+ price tag on the Austin Reed¬†range of suits. Call me old fashioned, but you’ll have to go a long way to beat the range of suits (and quality of them) at M&S.