Making comparisons

For anyone who has ever had to upgrade files but are left wondering (and very frsutrated) at the differences between the old and the new version – fret no longer, for today I came across the perfect solution ‘Winmerge‘.

This nifty little peice of open-source software (need I say more) is a visual differencing and merging tool which runs on Windows and better still is free. I’ve used it quite a few times already and it’s a very useful addition to anyones software catalogue.

My cold is slowly getting better but as is the norm with me it seems to be going in the direction of my chest – which is the last thing I need or want, primarily as it will mean a visit to the doctors and the dreaded Amoxycillin capsules. Cue tummy trouble…

Mrs DDWT went along to the fashion show tonight and reports that it was a much improved effort on last years shindig (despite the non-appearance of my goodself). JR opened the show with a lone walk down the catwalk and some rather bond-esque comments from the compere “Whether it’s a party of the casino, you too can get a Bond look of your own”. Fair play to all those who took part – my embaressment at being unable to attend was compounded when I saw my name in the programme, ahem.