34 Months

The ever evolving world of DDWT Junior reached the 34 month mark today and his rapid development never ceases to amaze me. Watching your very own child develop day to day is something quite unique and amazing, and most definately something so very special that it is hard to capture in words.

DDWT Junior is currently at the stage of stringing little sentences together such as “I like that a lot xxxxx”, “See you later xxxxx” or even “Come on xxxxx, let’s do jigsaw”- replace the x’s with Mammy, Daddy, Nana, etc. Yesterday, even saw the very first “No” with a facial look and stubborness which for the first time actually was in defiance (rather than automated reponse).

I treasure each day I spend with him at the moment and it saddens me to think that he will soon be out of this phase – never to return again. But I suppose that in itself is the wonder of life, each phase or stage you go through brings it’s own unique brand of feelings and tribulations.

Thankfully there’s been a big improvement today after my bout of flu and I’ll be back in work tomorrow after a 3 day absence. In a weird kind of way, I’m quite looking forward to it as I like routine. Having said that, my training routine is going to be taking a back seat this week as I’ll look to get things back on track next Monday.