Sion Corn Sunday

We had planned to go into Swansea this evening to celebrate Sion Corn Sunday and the switching on of the Christmas lights, but the rather windy and wintry (i.e. wild) weather put the mockers on that idea.

It isn’t that we mind getting cold or wet or that we were being grumpy – it was just that as the house of DDWT is still recovering from it’s last bout of illness, the last thing we wanted was to make things worse and get back to square one. No thanks.

The weather somewhat matched our moods really and it was certainly a day when we patience was in short supply. It’s quite amazing really what a lack of sleep can do for you. I mean who’d have thought that people can turn into a short-fused, ratty, miserable, moaning monster just becuase they didn’t get enough sleep (and that’s just me!).

A bad day at the office was compounded when I went on the bathroom weighing scale and it reliably – but regrettably – informed me that I was 16st 10lbs. A 3lb gain and it wasn’t what I wanted to hear today. Although having said that, I haven’t trained all week, have been ill and have been ‘feeding’ my cold as they say – so I can’t really complain can I.

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