Commuting observations

I spent my working day in Cardiff today – which made for a refreshing change – but I couldn’t help but think that when people complain about the car parking problems in Swansea, they should try Cardiff, it’s worse!

The other thing that struck me was how relatively a straighforward commute it was both there (1 hour 15 minutes) and back (45 minutes). Before anyone has a pop at me, I didn’t go over 80mph in either direction honest officer. It was in stark contrast to my days in Ceredigion, where you’d have to travel at least that amount of time to reach civilisation.

The reason for my visit to our capital city was that I’d been invited along by the Local Government Data Unit (Wales branch) to sit on an ICT panel for a project which they are currently running for rolling out a Peformance Management system across Wales. All very interesting stuff and a good opportunity to meet some new faces on the Welsh local government scene.

On a totally different matter, Mrs DDWT and I are really looking forward to Jan Leeming (AKA Jan Lemming) enduring yet another bushtucker trial tonight on “I’m a celebrity“. Her constant moaning and groaning (not in a sexual way I hasten to add) is getting rather grating and she is currently favourite in the House of DDWT’s sweepstake for eviction (to coin the Big Brother phrase). It’s no wonder our Jan has been married 5 times!

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  1. You want to get a life matey! Get a hobby!

    ErrDDwt old chap, just to let you know I’ve popped back to the world of blog for an update.


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