Jilted by M&S

Whilst I spent another day in our capital city on local government duty, Mrs DDWT and DDWT Junior headed off to the wild west (aka Aberaeron) for a visit to Nanny. It’s quite amusing to think that in terms of total travelleing time it took them longer to come back from there during the rush hour traffic (if there is such a thing in Ceredigion) than it did for me to go to and come back from Cardiff! Country roads by damn.

I took the opportunity to make yet another visit to Culverhouse Cross on the way back and invest some time (and too much money) on Christmas gifts for the whole family and by that I mean everyone. That’s the trouble you see when you were brought up by the Marks & Spencers appreciation society that is my family. Joking aside though, much as I used to hate the shop when I was a child – which had nothing to do with my one and only ever slapped arse for the comment of “I’m not going into that b*stard shop” at the tender age of 7 – as I’ve got older I’ve appreciated the quality of their shirts and suits in particular. Geez, reading that back makes me sound so old fashioned and anal. Anyway, I couldn’t help but also give a mention to the wonderful selection of quality and delicious food ranges on offer.

You’d never have guessed I was a jilted by M&S for a ‘student placement’ in previous years would you.